Verdugo City Residents Connect Through Colorful IHUG Friendship Lamps

When it comes to community connection, the people of Verdugo City have found a unique way to bridge the gap between neighbors. The city recently installed a series of colorful IHUG Friendship Lamps in the streets, allowing residents to show their neighbors that they care.

The IHUG Friendship Lamp is a connected device that is placed in the windows or outside of homes and businesses in the city. When one person presses the button on their lamp, the lamp of their neighbor will light up in a different color. This allows residents to show that they’re thinking of each other and keep connected, even when they’re apart.

The lamps have been a hit with the city’s residents, with many saying that they’ve helped to build a sense of connection and community within their neighborhood. One local resident, Diane, said that the lamps have been a great way to bring her and her neighbors closer together. “The lamps have allowed us to be more connected and to show our support for one another. It’s been a great way to stay connected even when we’re apart.”

The IHUG Friendship Lamp is just one of many ways that the city of Verdugo City is connecting its residents. With more and more people spending more time at home, it’s important to find innovative ways to stay connected. The IHUG Friendship Lamp is an easy and effective way to remind people that they’re not alone and that their neighbors care.

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